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'Mind the Gap: Philosophical & Psychological Dichotomies', Journal of BioUrbanism. Published Nov 15th 2017

'Sensemaking: Systems', Futures Centre. Published 15th May 2017

'Sensemaking: Evolution', Futures Centre. Published 11th May 2017

'The Ecologically Smart City', Festival of the Future City book. Published 1st Jun 2016

'Drawing Inspiration from nature', contributor to The Future is Beautiful book. Published 11th May 2016

'Elemental Cities and Exotic Architectures', The World in 2030, SGI Quarterly. Published 1st Oct 2015

'The Dawn of the Citizen Scientist', contributor to the Inventing the Future white paper, Published 1st July 2014

'Biomimetics: Learning from Life', Global Science Innovation Handbook, McGraw-Hill. Published 31st Jan 2014

'Case Study Cities', City City magazine, Issue 2, and Sustain' magazine. Published 1st Jul 2013

"How will domestic technology change our homes in the next decade?", Wired (UK). Published 3rd Jan 2013

'We have the Technology', 'The Future: Designed Around You', The Guardian. Published 27th Oct 2012

'The Future We Choose', contributor to Think Act Vote's self-published book. Published 25th Jul 2012

'Fishing For The New Architectural School', Sustain' magazine. Published 16th Mar 2012

'Building a Bionic City: Science Fiction or Future Science Fact?' #STU12. Published 16th Feb 2012

'Bionic New World', Sustain' magazine (cover story). Published 1st Sep 2011

'Building a Bionic City', Mensa magazine (cover story). Published 28th Jul 2011

'Building the Bionic City', Sustainable Business, Sustainable Cities special edition. Published 11th Feb 2011

'Tomorrow's World: Elemental Energy', p. 18, Sustained. Published 1st Mar 2009

'Tomorrow's World: A Journey into Our Sustainable Future', p. 18, Sustained. Published 1st Jan 2009

'Culture Clash: Famous for being famous', Mensa magazine (cover story). Published 1st Nov 2008

'The Age of Social Enterprise: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall', p. 44, Sustained. Published 31st Jul 2008

'Changing Face of Fashion: The Case For a More Ethical Approach', Mensa magazine (cover story). Published 1st Feb 2007

'Live and Let Die: The reality of 007's lifestyle', Mensa magazine (cover story). Published 1st Sep 2005

'Renaissance Women', The Season, Volume 1, Issue 1. Published July 2003




'Of Imaginariums and Innovation'. Libertine magazine. Published 12th Nov 2015

'Seen Unseen: The Biological and Social Networks of Cities' Part 2, Published 26th Feb 2015

'Seen Unseen: The Biological and Social Networks of Cities' Part 1, Human Published 20th Feb 2015

'Creating Resilient Cities in-Step with the Seasons', This Big City. Published 31st Oct 2011

'Building the Bionic City: The Ultimate Smart City', URBNFUTR. Published 5th Jul 2011

'The Bionic City - A Natural Blueprint for Future Cities', This Big City. Published 13th Dec 2010

'One Extreme to Another: Understanding Visual Manifestations of Celebrity Culture and the Popular Media', Medium Magazine. Published 1st Oct 2008

'The Green Goddess Shopping Check List', Qube - the member's magazine of Quintessentially. Published 9th Jan 2008

'Embracing Eco & Ethical Fashions', Style is So You magazine. Published 1st Nov 2007

'Easy Come, Easy Go: The Beginning of The End of Manufactured Celebrity', Medium Magazine. Published 1st Oct 2007



Contributing Editor, Unity magazine, 2015 - 2016; Editorial Board, City City magazine, 2012 - 2013; Editorial Board, Sustain' magazine, 2011 - 2013; Contributing Editor, Sustained magazine, 2008 - 2009; Contributing Fashion Editor, Hot magazine, 2005; Co-Editor, R Magazine, 2003 - 2004; Editor, The Definitive Event Guide, 2003; Editor, London Launch magazine, 2003.



Bionic City* 'Biomimetics, Biotechnology & Biology for the Built Environment', over 48,000 followers (2013 - )

Bio-** 'Exploring the Wonders of the Natural World', over 40,000 followers (2013 - ) 

Future-tense 'Exploring the Now, Near and Far Future', over 34,000 followers (2013 - )

Dojo 'Martial Arts meets Eastern Philosophy', over 32,000 followers (2014 - )

Style with Substance 'Science and Technology meet the Arts', over 32,000 followers (2014 - )


*Listed in 'Tech & Science' in the Flipboard app, Bionic City magazine was one of just 75 titles selected from over 5 million to feature in Flipboard's Best of #MagsWeLove 2013, 2014 and 2015 collections, and was one of the Top 40 Most Read magazines on the platform in 2013 and 2014.

**Bio- magazine was featured in's 'Tech & Science' highlights.


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