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Bionic City® [est. 2010] asks “how would nature design a city?”, exploring the potential of biomimetics, biotechnology and biology in the built environment of the now, near and far future. Creating its own original research, concepts and creative works, it also serves as a platform for collaborating and co-creating with pioneering interdisciplinary scientists, designers, architects, engineers, and artists.

Bionic City® both investigates the potential application and future impact of its own research activities, and that of seminal scientific, technological, and creative developments worldwide, engaging mediums and techniques including post-normal science; scenario planning; speculative design and fiction; trend identification, analysis, and extrapolation; workshops, panels, and interviews; and experiments. 

Launched in spring 2013, Bionic City® magazine on has over 145,000 viewers, over 50,000 followers, over 3,000,000 shares, features over 2,000 articles, and was one of just 75 titles selected from over 5 million to feature in Flipboard's #MagsWeLove collection (2013, 2014, 2015). Also featured in 'Life on Earth' - Flipboard's 'Earth Day' 2015 special edition, it is one of the Top 40 'Most Read' magazines on the platform.




"Completely awesome magazine on biomimetics by Melissa Sterry"  

Mike McCue, Founder, Flipboard on Bionic City magazine



Selected Works

Interface Q&A with Melissa Sterry on biomimetic cities. Published Jul 27th 2016

Interface Beautiful Thinking campaign featuring Melissa Sterry on biomimetic cities. Published Jul 1st 2016

CLOT magazine interview Melissa Sterry on Bionic City and her inspirations. Published 11th Dec 2015

'Of Imaginariums and Innovation'Libertine magazine. Published 12th Nov 2015

Design Decode interview with Melissa Sterry on ecologically inspired design and Bionic City, 11th Mar 2015

Select images from a series of microscopic studies of natural forms for Scientific American's #SciArt, 1st - 7th Mar 2015

'Seen Unseen: The Biological and Social Networks of Cities' Part 2,, 6th Mar 2015

'Seen Unseen: The Biological and Social Networks of Cities' Part 1, Human, 20th Feb 2015

'Learning from Life: The Biologically Informed City' submission for American Geophysical Union 'Artify you Abstract', 26th Aug 2014

Bionic City and the International Society of Biourbanism co-hosted  #CityofLife tweet-up on Storify, Mar 31st 2014

'Biomimetics: Learning from Life', Global Science Innovation HandbookMcGraw-Hill Publishing, 31st Jan 2014

Guest Blog 'Future Perfect?' for Chartered Institute of Housing on the towns and cities of the future, 8th Nov 2013

'The Future of Comfort'Oslo Architecture Triennale, Norway, 20th Sept 2013

'Fishing For The New Architectural School'Sustain' magazine, 16th Mar 2012

'Building a Bionic City: Science Fiction or Future Science Fact?' #STU12, 16th Feb 2012   

'Creating Resilient Cities in-Step with the Seasons',  This Big City, 31st Oct 2011

'Bionic New World'Sustain' magazine (cover story), 1st Sep 2011

'Building a Bionic City'Mensa magazine (cover story), 28th Jul 2011

'Building the Bionic City: The Ultimate Smart City',  URBNFUTR, 5th Jul 2011

'Building The Bionic City'Sustainable Business, Sustainable Cities special edition, 11th Feb 2011

'The Bionic City - A Natural Blueprint for Future Cities'This Big City, 13th Dec 2010

'Biomimicry for the Built Environment'Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference, 11th Jun 2010 


Selected Coverage

Coverage of Bionic City founder Melissa Sterry in Libertine magazine, Mar 6th 2015

Bionic City featured in C2MTL's 'Guide for Inquiring Minds', Mar 20th 2014

Coverage of 'Future Design Practices by 2050', p. 52, Construction Manager, 1st Jun 2012

'Creating Adaptable Cities - An Interview with Melissa Sterry'This Big City, 13th Sep 2011 

Interview with Melissa Sterry about Bionic CityThe Urban Times, 21st Sep 2011

'Melissa Sterry And The City That Loves Floods'Green Prophet, 30th Oct 2010 


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Related Works

In summer 2013 Melissa curated a short interview series titled "Building as Unusual”, which explored some of the themes of Bionic City®. Interviewees included responsive architect Tristan d'Estree Sterk, systemic architects ecologicStudio, biotechnological architect Wilfredo Mendez and biomimetic architect Lidia Badarnah Kadri. 


 "By applying Resilience Theory, Biomimicry, and Living Architecture principles to every aspect of building, she is creating a city model that not only anticipates but welcomes intensifying natural phenomena. "

Green Prophet 2010


"From luminescent forests to glow in the dark buildings, Melissa Sterry's Bionic City is full of the kind of wonders you thought you could only dream up. Before reading this magazine, I had no idea that biology and science could be so well integrated into urban landscapes. I can't wait to see what Melissa flips in next!"

#MagsWeLove, Flipboard 2015


"I think the solutions to the biggest problems faced by people and planet are to be found in nature. The next time you find yourself confronted with a problem look for ways in which nature has solved it. For example, if you want to find a way to be more water efficient, research how species in deserts source and store water"  

Melissa Sterry, The Future We Choose 2012